Book: Conceptual and applied approaches

Book: Conceptual and applied approaches

This book offers new theoretical and methodological frameworks for a deeper understanding of how self-construal is enabled, influenced and lived in culture. Edited by Tia G. Hansen, Kristine Jensen de López & Peter Berliner.

Lagt online: 17.12.2015

'Conceptual and applied approaches' comprises four approaches to basic research, four applied perspectives, and a meta-theoretical integration. The basic research approaches highlight the roles of early memories, cultural artefacts, parents and peers in developing a cultured self, and examine the relationship between well-being and self-serving bias across culture; and the applications concern psychopathology’s variation with culture, identity reconstruction after immigration and gendered violence, and family therapy across cultures. The integrative chapter identifies different kinds of self-knowledge captured by the preceding approaches and argues for a dynamic understanding of self-in-culture.

More about the book

'Conceptual and applied approaches' is the second volume in the psychology book series: Self in culture in mind (SICIM). See also the first volume: Development of self in culture

About the editors

Tia G. Hansen

Kristine Jensen de López

Peter Berliner


Tia G. Hansen and Kristine Jensen de López are both affiliated with Center for Developmental & Applied Psychological Science